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Benefits of Arts and Craft Activity in School
15 March, 2016

It can get monotonous for children to only study. In order to add some spark in their mundane learning experience, schools offer arts and crafts activity. Kids love arts and crafts. You must have seen many of the kids have the habit of trying new and creative arts and crafts activities. Considering this aspect, you will find RBK, CBSE schools in Thane and others offer various arts and crafts activities. This works in the favor of students as it helps in exploring their creative side.

Define Arts And Crafts

You surely know that arts and crafts are two different activities. Arts majorly involve activities that are unstructured. This further helps children to explore their imagination skills. Whereas, crafts majorly activities that are structured. These activities have a certain goal that needs to be accomplished.
A child’s mind is like an open book. Keeping in mind, that arts and crafts activities are fun for children, many of the CBSE schools in Mumbai and around offer them. There are a number of advantages associated with these activities. Some of them are mentioned below:

Helps In Enhancing Fine Motor Skills

It is wise to know that fine motor skills are small movements. It mostly consists of holding a pen or pencil, picking up small objects, manipulating a pencil to draw and so on. Fine motor skills are further enhanced when a child colors or does any craft activity. Furthermore, it helps in other areas of life, such as dressing, and even in the academics.

Improve Coordination

You surely know that arts and crafts activities require children to use both the hands. It does not matter whether it is coloring, cutting or drawing, it requires them to use both their hands. This skill proves beneficial in other areas such as writing, typing, tying the shoes, showering and more.

Helps In Promoting Executive Functioning

Arts and crafts activities require students to be attentive all the time. This further helps in enhancing their attention skills. Furthermore, it also works towards controlling the impulses and sharpening the memory. RBK, CBSE schools in Mumbai offer arts and crafts activities for students of all the age groups. This school understands the importance of having some fun element while studying.

Helps Explore the Creative Side

If you keep a child alone for some minutes, you will find how creative the mind is. Their imagination has no limits. This works the same for arts and crafts. Encouraging your child to take part in arts and crafts activity helps in exploring their imagination and creativity skills. It helps them to be innovative all the time. This further nurtures the artistic talent.

Increases Concentration Level

No matter what art or craft activity your child is in, it requires complete concentration. It further helps a child to be attentive in the classroom. Further, increasing the concentration level in them.
These benefits offered by arts and crafts activity ensure that they are beneficial in the long run. RBK, the top CBSE schools in Mumbai leaves no stone unturned in offering the best activities. They believe appreciation is the key to helping them grow. Taking this aspect into consideration RBK displays their work in the patio or corridors. This further helps them to do better next time.