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28th Jan – 30th Jan 2017, Panchagani, Maharashtra

This wonderful tour was organized by Adventure Education Tours. He was accompanied by 3 staff members and 62 students of which 28 were girls and 34 were boys. The students were from Grade 7, 8, and 9. Mrs Reeta Dubey, Mrs. Kamini Pandey and Mr. Gerard Anthony along with Principal Ma’am , Mrs. Devika Puri accompanied the learners.

Day one : 28th Jan 2017

The learners assembled in the school premises at 7am. They had a small praying session before leaving for the journey at 8 am. Breakfast and lunch was served during the journey. Learners reached Panchagani at 3pm and were allotted rooms for their stay.

The boys were accommodated in the dormitory whereas, the girls were in the tent houses. After evening snacks, basic instructions about the stay were given and the groups were formed. Learners were divided into 4 groups and they had the group slogan shouting followed by ice breaker session and life skill activities. The learners enjoyed the sky gazing session as they observed many important parts of the solar system. The day came to an end after the dinner.

Day Two : 29th Jan 2017

The day began at 6am by welcoming the beautiful sunrise that was enjoyed with rhythmic exercise and outdoor games like football and cricket. After the breakfast from 9am to 12 pm, 2 groups headed towards the Nat skies training workshop whereas 2 groups enjoyed adventure activities like Obstacles course, trust track, rappelling, etc. In the Nat skies training workshop learners saw the space camera, telescope and the modeled rockets. It was an Astronaut program and Astronomy workshop. The learners were thrilled to launch their rockets in the air. On the other hand the adventure activities developed the self-confidence and team spirit amongst the learners. Post lunch from 2 to 5pm both the group switched the activities. It was a tiring day. After the evening snacks learners gathered to participate in jungle cooking activity. All 4 groups showed their enthusiasm to cook Khichadi on a cheerful fire burning in the hearth. After this activity learners had their dinner followed by camp fire. Abel and Manan celebrated their birthday during the camp fire. The learners enjoyed the music and dance in the camp fire. Some learners surprised others with their hidden talents. At 11.30 when the day out was declared learners still wanted to enjoy the party mood.

Day Three : 30th Jan 2017

The day began at 6 AM. The learners had the breakfast and headed for the trekking activity at 8 AM. This activity was the first time experience for most of the learners. They were welcomed by the fresh strawberry farms in their way to the caves. This was the most adventurous activity of the tour. After returning from trekking learners got ready leave for the Mapro factory visit. Learners bought many chocolates, fruit crushes and fruit juices from the factory along with fresh strawberries. After this they started with the journey at around 2pm. They had lunch in Orchid on their way back home. They reached back to the school at 10.30pm. The journey back home was relayed due to traffic.