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Curriculum Designing For A/Y 2017-18
19 January, 2017

Date: 22/12/16 – 23/12/16
Venue: RBK Global School
Attended by all Primary and secondary teachers.
Principal Mrs. Devika Puri presided over the workshop.

The session started with a prayer and followed by guidelines given by the Principal ma’am. Teachers were put in subject wise groups. They browsed books by different publication and planned the curriculum from grade I to grade X, keeping in mind the continuity of the syllabus. On the basis of CBSE Circular which started that weight of the bag, carried by the learners should not be above 5kg. Integrated learning text will be introduced in the next academic year from grade I to Grade V. From Grade VI to grade X NCERT e-book will be introduced along with other textual materials.

The teachers presented their curriculum, subject wise effectively mentioned by the Principal Ma’am. Teachers worked on the curriculum and added additional dimension to the curriculum. The curriculum framed is kept in the Physics lab for display. The session ended with a lot of insightful learning.

Teachers are confident that the curriculum will be innovative with new teaching practices and continue to have a positive impact on the lives of the learners.