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Different Kind of Playschool Activities at RBKGS
14th March 2017

Activities are more than just fun for a preschooler — they help with physical development and early learning. The activities are designed in a way that it results in a wholesome or a holistic development in the child.

Many play schools in Bhayandar and in other parts of Mumbai are using different kinds of playschool activities ranging from games to arts and crafts, and more. However, at RBKGS playschool we organise the following activities on day to day basis - to develop our children’s skills.

Rhyme Day

Nursery rhymes play an important role in early childhood development. It helps children master key skills such as language and communication.

This activity helps students to sing the nursery rhymes with confidence and conviction and to hone listening skills as well. It increases vocabulary in terms of coverage, accuracy and appropriateness.

We at RBKGS are passionate about nursery rhymes and feel their importance shouldn’t be overlooked in early years of child development. At our play group in Bhayandar we make rhyme day a fun activity, so that, kids get a chance to sing and dance and express their emotions, while reciting the beautiful poems/ rhymes.

Colours Day

Recognising colours and identifying colour names is an important part of a child’s development. Early identification of colours helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues and words. While there are numerous books to teach children about colour form, we at RBKGS organise a colours day for kids, so that they have a natural affinity to understand the world of colours around them.

On this day a specific colour code is assigned where children are requested to come dressed in the same colour. Different objects like fruits, school bus, butterflies etc are also created according to the colour theme so that kids enjoy and have fun throughout the activity.

Number Activity

This activity is all about exploring numbers and counting, being completely engaged in the fun of numbers. Our play school in Bhayandar understands the importance of success in math in future. So a number activity with fun and play help lay a positive foundation of something that so many of us struggle with later on.

Arts and Crafts Activity

Arts and crafts activities are fun for children. Art and craft are a key element in the provision of a balanced education for children. Our play school in Bhayandar encourages preschoolers in different forms of activities likecrayoning, scrub painting, cotton sticking, thumb printing, palm printing, footprinting, blow painting with straw etc. All these creative activities provide children opportunities to enjoy, celebrate, create, analyse, and record their sensory experience.

What’s more?
RBKGS also celebrates different festivals (Diwali, Christmas, Eid etc) and important national holidays (Republic Day, Independence Day etc) with kiddos by calling them dressed in traditional attires.

RBKGS is keen to offer an approach to learning that becomes a lifelong habit. They motivate students to be competent in every field and aspect of life by offering a rich, enjoyable and lasting educational experience for all learners. With empowering zeal, it endeavours to help every child develop into a holistic personality.