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Earth Day Celebrations
18 June, 2016

Earth Day is a time to demonstrate support towards environmental protection. It’s an event - to bring about public awareness of the world's common environmental problems.

Celebrating Earth Week or Earth Day is a great way for schools and colleges to showcase environmental education. By highlighting the benefits of going "green” to children, the educational institution can actually bring a positive change in the community around.

The celebration of Earth day has grown into a global event and is recognized by many countries. RBK Global School has equally contributed to this global cause by allocating an entire week (13th June to 17th June) for this event.

Earth Week at RBK Global School

RBK Global School, celebrated Earth week with a myriad of educational and fun activities.

The clean-drive organized by the school motivated all the students to keep the planet beautiful as ever. During this session, the students were sensitized about the importance of saving the environment and how they need to respect Mother-Nature by maintaining hygiene and sanitation.

An in-house poster-making session was also held wherein children painted their thoughts on nature conservation. Through this activity students were encouraged not only to be creative in their project, but also to express a real commitment in making the environment a better place.

In all, the experience of celebrating “Earth Week” was simply awesome and the students really had fun doing the activity.

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