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Eco Friendly Ganpati For The Year 2016-17
07 September, 2016

Ganpati Bappa Morya….. Yes, it’s time to celebrate Lord Ganesha’s festival and seek his blessings.

RBK GLOBAL SCHOOL was already awaiting for this activity.

Participants :

Both Teaching and non- teaching staff was in a spirit of zeal and enthusiasm. Ms Aruna and Ms Rezina from teaching staff Ms Lucy and Ms Shweta from non-teaching staff

Following Material Is Used:

soil, turmeric, chandan, kumkum, cotton, wool, toothpick paper, lemon seeds, kidney beans & water

Steps to make Ganpati Idol :

  • Water was mixed in soil to knead it like a dough, while kneading the dough lemon seeds and kidney beans were also put in the soil.
  • One by one all the body parts were made with this dough and joined appropriately to make the beautiful idol of Lord Ganesha.
  • Besides Ganesha’s idol a mushak, a laptop and 2 pillows too were made with the soil.
  • Mobile was made with paper along with selfie stick, tooth pick was used to make selfie stick.
  • Logo of apple for laptop, goggles and swastik were made with paper.
  • Ganesha’s necklace, teeth and waist line were made with cotton.
  • Wool, cotton and soil is used to make ear phones and moustache of Lambodar.
  • Idol was given paint effect with kumkum, chandan and turmeric.

Our eco- friendly Ganesha is ready wearing glares, mobile on selfie stick in one hand and apple laptop in other hand sitting on his beloved ride…. Mushak.

A beautiful backdrop and a small set up was made with papers flowers where Ganesha is sitting like a king on throne.

This is pure eco-friendly Ganesha which will be immersed in a pot. It will be watered daily, later plants will grow as it contains lemon seeds and kidney beans. We will mention year when it is made and keep it in our school’s planter corner with other pots.

Lord Ganesha will definitely going to shower his blessings on us as we are sure he will be very happy to see that our RBK Education Institutions believe and is concerned to save environment.

Here Are Some Photographs Depicting Lord Ganeaha’s Idol Preparation Journey.