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Eco -Friendly Lantern
26 October, 2016

Diwali’ as we all know the festival of lights. Yes… the preparations to celebrate the most awaited festival have started. Our RBKEI Management, do organise employ engagement activities. This time we were asked to make ECO- FRIENDLY Lantern.

As we go by the literal meaning of the word ‘eco-friendly’, it means usage of materials or things that does not cause any harm to nature.

In an attempt to create an ‘eco-friendly’ lantern, The RBK GLOBAL SCHOOL staff has crafted the same by moving one step further adopting the "Kirigami" art. Kirigami is a fantastic art form that requires nothing more than a paper, a knife and your imagination. Like ‘Origami’ it’s an art form in which we fold and cut paper to create a variety of beautiful patterns and paper sculpture work. RBK GLOBAL School is always ready to adapt new methods. So we created a four sided lantern - one of the sides depicts the school building, second side shows school building structure spreading the message 'Play Safe Diwali', third side shows the way our school is setting the foundation by 'Spreading Knowledge' and fourth side conveying the festive wish 'Happy Diwali'. Materials used to make the lantern are mount board, tinted sheets and satin cloth. The height of the lantern is 4.3 feet and the width is 2 feet. It’s pure ‘eco-friendly’. We have displayed it in the front side patio and it will enlighten our school during Diwali days. Later we will reuse the materials in best out of waste activities like in paper - tearing activity for the Pre-primary learners, ribbons to hang learning engagements and mount board to make small flash cards for Pre-primary learners. Here......on behalf of RBK Global Team ....Wishing a Happy and a Safe Diwali.

Following are the photographs of the same