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Effective Stress Management Session
Pooja Sakpal | 5 November, 2015

Stress and strain plague life today. The world over people succumbs to life's trials and tribulations. Worry and anxiety infest people's thoughts. Stress-related disease is reaching epidemic proportions, exacting a heavy toll on human life.

They try to rectify the outer world for gaining inner peace and happiness. It cannot be achieved that way. Peace or stress is a state of mind. The true key to stress management is self-management. You have to find peace within your own self.

"It is difficult to find peace and happiness in oneself," says Arthur Schopenhauer, "but it is impossible to find it anywhere else." Nevertheless, people continue to seek happiness everywhere except in oneself.

Hence, on the eve of “World Mental Health Day’’ RBK Global School decided to spend time focusing on what causes us stress and effectively dealing with the same. A session on “Effective Stress Management” was conducted by the School Counselor—Ms. Pooja Sakpal for the teachers on 12th October 2015 and 16th October 2015.

The core reasons for stress were focused on. The key point wherein ‘strees is a situational human reaction’ was focused upon. It was reiterated as to how people react in different ways in a similar situation. The reaction depends on the past experiences, environmental factors, parental influences.

While all of us have work and family responsibilities, stressing out too much about them will simply cause you more grief — both mentally as well as physically. There are several ways you can unwind — watch your favourite comedy, catch up with close friends and talk about funny memories. Research says that every time you laugh out loud, increased oxygen flows to your organs, blood flow increases, and stress automatically reduces. It was reiterated that gets enough rest and sleep.

They were also briefed on some time management strategies. The teachers were asked to make a time schedule for themselves and follow it up regularly.

The session was concluded by a 5 minute relaxation activity, which definitely energized everyone and relaxed each and everyone.