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Environment education is important
07 October, 2016

An environment crisis has become an important issue and a matter of concern for everyone in this world. Due to urbanization, industrialization, population explosion, nuclear disasters, the environment is getting worse day by day.

Education is a powerful tool to send any social message across, and an education on environment can play a substantial role as it will encourage the students to protect and sustain the environment.

Today’s children need to be prepared for tomorrow's environmental challenges and by educating our children; the next generation will better understand the importance of protecting our earth. They will know from a young age what is global warming and how they could contribute to climate change. They will also understand the benefits of recycling, as well as the importance of developing and producing renewable energy.

So to enhance this positive development in a child many schools and colleges are making an effort to provide students that opportunity to connect with nature, through various outdoor activities and events. So that they start respecting the nature at the early age, and understand its importance for our well-being.

How RBK global school contributed to environmental education?

RBKGS is a CBSE school in Bhayander that aims to offer a rich, enjoyable and lasting educational experience for learners. This high school in Bhayander provides experiential and inquiry approach to learning, and help students to be articulate learners, who are knowledgeable as well as caring internationally minded individuals.

Recently RBK global school in Bhayander had conducted some fun activities, where children got a chance to understand nature in a better way.

Van Mahotsav Day

This event threw light on the importance of trees in our lives. The programme was later culminated by planting the saplings in the school premises, which were brought by the learners.

Earth day celebration

RBKGS – this high school in Bhayander celebrated Earth week with a myriad of educational and fun activities. During this session, the students were sensitized about the importance of preserving the environment and how they need to respect mother nature by maintaining cleanliness and sanitation.

Created eco-friendly Ganpati for the year – 2016-2017

Both teaching and non- teaching staff was in a spirit of zeal and enthusiasm during this activity. They built a Ganpati idol with eco-friendly materials like soil, turmeric, chandan, kumkum, cotton, wool, toothpick, paper, lemon seeds, kidney beans and water. Through this activity the school tried to send the message to all students, that we can celebrate all the beautiful festivals by being compassionate and caring towards Mother Nature.

Important: Environmental education first begins at home

Today children’s everyday life has shifted to the indoors due to the extreme use of television, gadgets and computers. Not only does the loss of children’s outdoor play and contact with the natural world negatively impact the growth and development of the whole child, it also sets the path for a continuing loss of the natural environment.

Hence it’s important that, along with the schools, as parents you also need to make it a point to execute environmental education in your child. Teach your kids how to conserve the natural resources by shutting off lights when not in the room, reducing water usage, and letting them be in charge of the recycling. Help them choose products at the supermarket that use less packaging, or recycled packaging, and show them the importance of purchasing organic items. All these efforts will help us develop a quite different and healthier world, for a better tomorrow.