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Tips To Prepare Your Child for the First Day at Play School
17 June, 2016

Some children love going to school while some detest even the thought of it. As a parent, it is of paramount importance to prepare your child for the first day at play school in RBK Global School Bhayandar. You should know making the first day of your child special would make them wait for the next day too. Ever parent wants their child to have an amazing start and preparing them well in advance is vital. Many of the parents often fear that their children are not ready for the playschool. However, you can now rest, as there are various ways to help your little one prepare for this day before he/she takes the bag and head to the school.

Prepare Yourself for the Separation

Before you start preparing your child for the play school, it is vital that you convince yourself about the separation for whatever number of hours it might be. It is not easy to stay away from your child for a long time, but you need to. If your child has not attended a day care, then you need to practice this aspect. This can be done by leaving your child to a trusted entity for any number of hours.

Enhance Your Child’s Confidence Level

You should know a playgroup in Bhayandar encourages children to take part in activities. There is every possibility of your child being shy or might lack the confidence to face the crowd. You can enhance and boost your child’s confidence by introducing the idea of sharing, taking turns, participating, playing with peers and so on. In order to boost the confidence level, you need to join a mother and toddler group as it helps socializing.

Develop and Nurture Communication Skills

For success in the school, it is vital your child has great communication skills. As a parent, you have a number of opportunities in order to enhance the communication skills of your child. Well, when talking about enhancing communication skills, it can be anything from asking what is in the room, what you had for dinner, having a word about the daily routines, and so on. Even the parents who are working can use this trick. These are some common teachable moments and should be used to the fullest. You can use this great trick before sending your child to a playgroup in Bhayandar.

Help Your Child Know the Basics

Your child should surely know some of the basics before enrolling the name to a play. Knowing the basics mostly includes the name, being able to tell his/her parents name, phone number, ABCs, 123s, colors and more.

These are some vital tips you need to keep in mind before enrolling your child’s name to a play school or nursery in Bhayandar and around. Keeping in mind that you need to offer great schooling experience, ensure you choose the best play school among the best schools in Mira Bhayandar area. Take some effort by researching about every school and follow your instincts for the same.