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Food Fiesta 2017 at RBK Global School
23 October 2017

It is very important that we teach our kids about food nutrition and positive eating habits. Supporting our children to have a healthy and positive relationship with food is worth the time and energy for both our kids and us. It helps create a foundation of well-being that can be passed down for generations.

RBK Global school - a CBSE schools in Mira Bhayandar believe that in addition to children learning about balanced diets and the mechanics of food the school must also communic
ate the fun element of food to kids. By improving children’s relationships with food, the school makes every effort to promote healthy eating in a fun way.

Keeping this aspect of food and well-being in mind, the school had organized a food fiesta festival – for the young little kids. The students kick-started the food fiesta event with some awesome food displays. The unique celebration of food gave students a chance to experience a master class where they whipped-up delicious recipes. They wore their chef’s hat and polished their culinary skills to stir up the magic in front of the teachers and the management.

During this festival visitors (parents/teachers) were allowed to indulge in freshly-prepared food. Desserts and surprises, together with live cooking and treats were the stars of the day. Designated food areas were carefully decorated to give the visitors the opportunity to virtually transport themselves to different countries and regions through the culinary expertise of the students.

It had, scrumptious food, a flea and fun market, drinks counter etc - all under one roof!! Yes, that’s what was in store for students of RBK CBSE school in Bhayander this 2017.

The event was an experience to each student and guest as it was a unique platform provided by RBK global school for the foodies and the little master chefs. The event was such a success that it left everyone spellbound! ing internationally minded individuals.