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Healthy Food v/s Junk Food
09th May 2017

Report: Healthy Food v/s Junk Food
Date: 27.4.17
Venue: R.B.K.Global School , Bhayander (w)
Time: 11.00-12.30 p.m

An activity titled “Healthy food habits” was conducted from Grade 4- 8 on 27.4.17. The objective of the RBK Global School was to inculcate and promote healthy food habit among students. The activity also aimed at identifying healthy and nutritious food and at the same time bring about the disadvantage of junk food. The students completed the activity in the school. They were instructed to get the required materials such as photographs and information on the theme.

The following were the activities conducted in each of the subjects from Grade 4-8:

English: slogan writing / article writing/acrostic poem on healthy food
Hindi: dialogue writing/ skit on healthy food
Math: survey and bar graph representation on food items consumed by youngsters in a week/ pie diagram illustration of the percentage of food component that should be there in a balanced diet/
Theme: pictorial representation of food component
Social Studies: Poster making on the diverse cuisines found in India/ map work on the food and cash crops grown in different parts of India, advertisement on healthy food items
French /Marathi: Salad making / writing the names of ingredients in French/Marathi
ICT: Power point presentation on Healthy food items
Art: Different designs/ decorations with fruits and vegetables
Music: Song on balanced diet

The varied activities helped the learners develop their multiple intelligence. It gave them a platform to express their talents and abilities. Moreover, it sensitized the learners on healthy food habit and balanced diet.