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How to Make Lessons Fun and Interesting
09 February, 2016

Classrooms are the wealth of knowledge. However, no matter how much of knowledge you provide, if the class is same as it was one week before, students do not show any interest. In order for the students to be interested and take active participation in the classroom, ensure to make use of innovative teaching methods. And, this is what RBK Global school in Bhayandar does by offering effective teaching methods that make teaching fun and interesting.

It is quite known that lectures are the most preferred communication medium. It is used to offer necessary information to the students. However, this traditional way of lectures has taken a backseat as they are proving to be less effective. It is seen students do not show much interest in this learning process. In order for the students to understand what is taught, active participation from their side is of paramount importance. When the whole classroom is actively participating in the classroom, it helps them to understand and learn better.

RBK Global high school in Bhayandar believes one of the best ways to attract the attention of students in the classroom is by making it lively. It is not easy, as it seems. The teacher needs to be really using innovative methods. No one likes to study in the same way. A slight change is more than to ignite the needed spark and get them going. There are end numbers of ways through which you can make the classroom interesting, interactive and fun at the same time.

An Interesting Opening Line

“Open your textbook to page 55, last paragraph”, well, now this is one common opening line you are sure to hear in any classroom. The opening line you use in the classroom has a great effect for the whole lecture. When you say the above line, the students very well know it is going to be same and mundane learning process. Instead, opening your line with a question sparks ideas in the student’s mind. It can be anything from, how does a plant grow? Where do the stars disappear in the morning? What happens to the sun in the night and so on? This further helps students to use their thinking skills.

Ask Questions

Another way to ignite creativity in the minds of students is by asking questions. The questions can be asked during the teaching session. This makes students to pay attention and take active participation in the discussion. Apart from asking questions, teachers can even ask the students to explain a certain paragraph. In this way, it helps in enhancing communication skills in the students.

Make the Lesson Interactive

While the lecture is still going on, you can make use of various methods to help students express their views. Many of the CBSE schools in Bhayander and around make use of this technique and have proved to be beneficial. As a teacher, you can encourage the students to question the material and clarify all the doubts regarding it. You can incorporate certain changes in how the lecture can be conducted by using case presentations, debates, discussions and so on.

Ending the Lecture

Now that you have conducted such a beautiful and interactive lecture, it is wise to end it beautifully too. One of the best ways to do is by doing a quick pop quiz session. You can even ask students to explain in brief based on what has been taught in the class.
Using innovative and creative teaching methods in the class makes learning fun, interactive and informative at the same time. RBK Global School leaves no stone unturned in igniting the young minds by keeping the lecture fun and informative. There is no delaying and get your child admitted to the top 10 best schools in Mumbai. Offer the best education your child deserves.