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RBK Global School Played the Role of Santa Claus for Damu Nagar
07 January, 2016

Christmas is the season of giving and bringing a smile on a person’s face. RBK global school tried to keep the spirit of Christmas alive by being Santa to the children of Damu Nagar slum, Kandivali. The people lost their loved ones to personal belongings when over 25 gas cylinders exploded on 7 December 2015. To add to the dismay was the gusty wind, which played the role of fuel to the fire. The gusty wind was the main reason why within no time the Damu Nagar slum came crumbling down. While the people mourned for the loss of their loved ones and valuables, RBK Global School took this opportunity to bring a smile on the children of the slum.

RBK Global School in Bhayander, Thane is always of the view, best happiness is experienced in the joy of giving. Along with the group of around eight children, RBK School Christmas Celebration was taken to the next level by visiting Damu Nagar. Christmas is incomplete without gifts and importantly Santa Claus. To make the environment Christmassy, Deepak Gupta dressed up as RBK Global Schools' Santa Claus carried a sack full of gifts and entered the slum on Wednesday afternoon. It was not long enough and a long trail of children was already behind Santa Claus.

Innocent and startled faces questioned among themselves whether the Santa is real or fake! For some children, Santa Claus was a known figure while toddlers aged 2-4 was quite scared at the sight of him. They did not leave their mother’s hand! It is not easy to fool children as it was heard one child saying, Santa Claus comes only when it snows! Well, it is quite a remarkable sight! Children were quite excited to receive their Secret Santa gifts and lined up to receive them.

Keeping in mind the needs of every child, RBK Global School decided to keep the gift basic with items such as shampoo, soap, lunch box, toothpaste toothbrush and so on.

The students of RBK Global School, who accompanied to be a part of this giving season, were surprised. They felt the children of Damu Nagar slum are great people and that is what makes them strong. The sight helped RBK students to understand they get everything easily by asking while the Damu Nagar children have to struggle for the same.

While the children giggled and danced with joy, the speech of Congress for quick rehabilitation was audible. The blaze had not made people lose hope. The small yet enjoyable celebration ended with our aim accomplished. RBK Global School had managed to offer a broad smile on every child’s face. It also taught a lesson to the students, you do not need Christmas to gift someone. Make your own occasion and bring a smile on a person or child’s face!