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Refreshing Session on Effective Communication
07th June 2017

Day: Thursday
Venue: Multipurpose Hall
Event: Workshop on Effective Communication

Before starting the new academic session the Workshop on Effective Communication was conducted by our Principal,

Dr.Shitala Prabhu. The session was arranged to motivate the teachers of RBK Global School and to rejuvenate the teaching skills .She emphasised on the importance of clear and effective communication through various activities like sandwich games. Moreover, machine game and the collaborative games with the use of words were fruitful for the teachers to realise how effectively the learners imbibe the concept if it is activity based. Another interesting factor was the importance of having a Classroom Agreement. Art of effective listening was discussed at length.

The workshop was exceedingly enriching. She emphasised the significance of considering every child as “unique, special and valuable.” It was a novel and creative effort taken by Ms. Prabhu.