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The International Award For Young People At RBKGS
15 September 2017

The International Award for Young People (IAYP) is the most thriving and flourishing youth empowerment program. This program has no political, religious or strategic affiliations. It is established for identifying the tough issues and challenges associated with the youth.

The program is intended to help both young and those people who take an interest in their welfare. It connects people and generations together for a common goal of youth development. Their aim is to ‘Equip for life’ from social and economically disadvantaged backgrounds or with physical disabilities, through the activities of the Programme.

Around the world, more than 140 countries use this model for positive youth empowerment. Today, this framework is used by many top Mumbai international schools, youth organizations, community groups, correctional services, employers and government departments. RBKGS - a CBSE schools in Bhayander has also initiated the program for the younger generation. The main aim of this program is to promote:

  • Personal discovery and self-knowledge
  • Self-reliance and self-discipline,
  • Motivation, enthusiasm and creative vision
  • Community involvement and social responsibility
  • Sense of value and understanding
  • Spirit of team work and adventure
  • Good mental and physical health

With the introduction of IAYP, this high school in Bhayandar desires to encourage students to grow from their own strengths. However, to achieve this award, the school requests all participants/students to put an extra 3 months in either physical recreation or skills or service. Where qualifying standards will be measured in terms of progress, proficiency and sustained effort. Moreover, the activities need to be done outside normal school academic hours.

For more information on the same - refer the IAYP section of RBKGS given below:

With an emphasis on providing a sound structured curriculum and an experiential and inquiring approach to learning, RBKGS aims to bring out students that are confident, articulate learners who are knowledgeable as well as caring internationally minded individuals.