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Tips for a Novice Teacher for Effective Classroom Management
09 April, 2016

What comes to your mind when you hear about school? Well, it surely has to be professional faculties and students. Every teacher wants to be the best in the school. However, it becomes difficult for a novice teacher to get used to the school. Everything is new, the classroom, the students, the faculty, and so on. As a novice teacher, you might have already asked for some tips from experienced teachers for managing a classroom. Well, this is quite obvious. Considering this aspect, RBK Global School, the high school in Bhayandar believes every teacher is a learner too. In order to offer the best education to the students, teachers are offered with various training programs.

Now, coming to the topic, coping with a new class can be really difficult. There is every possibility the students are not ready to listen to you, or will not pay attention to your lessons. Mentioned are some tips you can consider when you are struggling with a new class as a novice teacher:

Silence Is Golden

One of the best ways to garner the attention of the students is when they are quiet. It is not easy to get pin drop silence in the class. However, a number of teachers have used this trick and found it effective. It may take days or even weeks to get this thing straight. When you wait, the students know you want to say something and are waiting for the class to be quiet. Be patient and let the children help you!

Do Not Neglect To Address the Issues Wisely

No matter whether it is a conflict between you and a student or between two students, it is wise to have it handled quickly. You surely do not want the matters to go off hands. One of the best ways to do is to resolve it. A number of CBSE schools in Bhayander and around believe nothing can be better than resolving the issue by being kind. Getting angry only worsens the situation. Instead of asking, a question that might trigger anger, you can ask, is there any way I can help you. This further makes a student disabled as he/she was expecting you to be angry. When dealing with conflicts between two children, it is wise to have it solved, before or after the class. Do not try to take sides, but be neutral!

Do Not Be Loud

Many teachers often have the habit of shouting when class fails to listen. However, this only worsens the situation. It is not good to raise your voice just to seek the attention of the students.

Create an Engaging Lesson

RBK Global School in Bhayandar leaves no stone unturned and help teachers to create a lesson that is engaging, fun and informative. You do not get the same attention when a lesson is poorly planned. This further leads to a noisy classroom and bored students. Ensure the lesson is planned perfectly and is engaging. This further helps in having an active class where there is active participation from the students.

Make Eye Contact

If you want your class to be silent, you are highly advised to make eye contacts. It might take some time for the students to get used to this trick. Other than this, you can even raise your one hand or clap. It is fun and ensures you get complete attention of the class.

These are some tips as a novice teacher, you can consider for effective classroom management. RBK Global School also offers in-house training to the teachers that help faculties to share their experiences and teaching practices. As a novice teacher, you can grab some ideas from the experienced teachers. This is what makes RBK the best CBSE schools in Bhayandar. Though there are many CBSE schools in Mira Bhayandar, nothing can beat the educational services offered by RBK. Get your child admitted to the school where your child is nurtured under the care of an expert faculty.