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World Music Day Celebration
25 June, 2016

Music is an important part of life. Right from the birth to death every occasion we celebrate is with the music. Music comes in different types and styles and ranges from traditional to rock. It’s not only meant for entertainment purpose but also helps you in healing and soothing from all pains.

For many years now, June 21 has been celebrated as World Music Day. Many musicians and other organisations celebrate this day by organising concerts in parks, train stations, museums and different other public places. It’s a special day celebrated to promote peace and goodwill through music.

India: A land of music

Our Indian culture is rich in musical history and traditions. The range in Indian music is so vastly diversified that it is difficult to enlist them together. While the music in India is based on some basic rhythms and notes, yet the difference is noticeable in their applications. However Indian music is broadly classified as traditional or folk, classical and popular music.

The most notable Indian instruments include the Sitar, the Tabla, the Sarangi and the Shehnai. All these instruments have been an integral part of the Indian culture and have been used in multiple musical genres over the period of time.

World Music Day celebrated by RBK Global School

Music plays a vital role in the overall development of the children. Keeping this view in mind a program was put up by the management of RBK Global School to celebrate the World Music Day.

The students of school choir and music group celebrated this day with great enthusiasm and enthralled the audience by rendering melodious songs. The school choir even performed on Michael Jackson’s – Heal the World Song in front of teachers and other students.

Through this event, the school has created awareness among the children, about the importance of music in our life. Moreover such activities improve memory skills and increase the student’s listening skills in a fun, and a relaxed manner.

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