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Playgroup -Orange day
Pre-primary Carnival - 12 October 2017
Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration
Independence Day Celebration
Guru Purnima, Tribute to Guru - 07th July 2017
Yoga for body , mind and soul - 21st June 2017
RBK Global School with Theme Presentation - 28/03/17 to 01/04/17
Holi Celebration - 10th March 2017
Plantation Drive - Eco Friendly Activity - 30th January 2017
Masterchef competition - Go Fresh, Go Healthy. - 30th January 2017
Adventure Education Tour To Kidzania - 27th January 2017
Festival of Kites and Lohri celebration - 13th January 2017
Orphanage visit on Christmas- 21st December 2016
K-2 Story telling winners - 25th November 2016
K-1 Recitation winners - 25th November 2016
Nursery Recitation Winners - 25th November 2016
children's Day - 14th November 2016
Nursery Picnic

Place - Riot Room on 10th November 2016

K-2 Picnic - 11 November 2016

Please find the attached pics of Picnic to Viviana Mall - Fun city for K-1 students.
went on 9th November 2016.

Picnic to Viviana Mall - Fun city for K-1 students

Please find the attached pics of Picnic to Viviana Mall - Fun city for K-1 students.
went on 9th November 2016.

Blue day 16th October 2016
Isckon Temple
Gandhi Jayanti - Tribute to Gandhiji's achievement, 2016
Fire Drill Training​, 2016
Hindi Diwas celebrated on 16/09/16
Yellow Day Celebration, 01-09-2016
Janamashtmi Celebration, 2016
Guru Purnima Celebration - 19th July, 2016

Contemplation, Meditation, Knowledge, Patience and Work are all our Guru's Pittance!

Guru Purnima was celebrated by the Primary Section on 19th July, 2016. It started with special assembly where students were educated and made aware why the Guru is highly respected, why it is celebrated and what is its importance.

It was followed by a skit on Eklavya by Grade 1 teacher’s.

Bastille Day Celebration (French National Day) - 14th July, 2016
Van Mahotsav Day, Secondary Section - 6th July, 2016

“Don’t make Trees rare, we should keep them with care”.

This has been rightly said as the needs of all the living beings are fulfilled by the trees on this earth. But their depleting number has become a serious issue. To make the learners aware of this issue and taking initiative towards it, RBK Global School celebrated Van Mahotsav Day on 6th July 2016 with great aplomb and enthusiasm.

The celebration was commenced with Alfiya’s speech – a learner of grade 7 Ekam, in which she threw light on the importance of trees in our lives. After the speech, a video on CHIPKO MOVEMENT was shown to the learners in their respective classes.

Later, learners of grade 4 and 5 wrote slogans on saving trees and learners of grade 6 to 9 wrote articles on Van Mahotsav. Simultaneously, learners of grade 7 and 8 went to each class and performed the skit on Amrita Devi, who gave away her life to save trees and CHIPKO MOVEMENT. Finally, the programme was culminated by planting the saplings in the school premises, which were brought by the the Learners.

The programme was appreciated by everyone!

International Yoga Day Celebration, Primary & Secondary Section - 21st June 2016
World Music Day Celebration - 21st June 2016

Where words fail, MUSIC speaks!

World Music Day was celebrated with enthusiasm by the students of School Choir & Music Group. School Choir performed Michael Jackson’s – Heal the World Song in front of teachers & students.

First Day at School, Grade K2 - 16th June 2016
Gratitude Day Celebration - 21 April, 2016

There is always something to be thankful for!

Learners from Grade 4th to 8th had celebrated ‘Gratitude Day’ on 21st April. Words of gratitude are a celebration of recognition. Whether it is the students, teachers, housekeeping staff, transport or the administration staff, all were thanked and appreciated for their incredible contribution all throughout the year by giving them beautiful handmade greeting cards made by the learners.

Learners came forward to convey their heartfelt gratitude by addressing each and every staff. Learners shared their experiences and thanked the support staff.

It was a spectacular event as we witnessed the entire campus coming together to celebrate and positively reflect on the past year.

Marathi Divas Celebration - 26th February, 2016

Marathi Diwas was celebrated in our school to honor Marathi language along with the celebration of Birth Anniversary of V.V.Shirwadkar , also known as ‘Kusumagraj’ a great poet, writer ,script writer from Maharashtra. Marathi being the official language of the state of Maharashtra, the main focus of this celebration was to promote the awareness about Marathi culture, traditions and values among the Leaners.

Learners started the celebration with a prayer song, followed by a speech from grade 3 learners about Marathi Diwas. After speech a melodious song was presented followed by dance from Grade 2 and 3 Learners i.e. ‘Gondhal’ dance (a traditional Marathi dance). A PPT presentation was simultaneously going all through the celebration. Learners of Grade & 7th Ekam presented a song. Learners from Grade 4th Uno presented a beautiful Lavni dance. Learners of Grade 8th Presented a PPT on Marathi Divas, its importance and origin.

Other than this, a cultural programme was arranged by the learners during assembly. Our learners conducted the assembly in Marathi language. This special assembly really encouraged our learners to speak in Marathi. Prayer, Pledge, News, Thought, Amazing Facts, Health Tips were all conveyed in Marathi language.

MR Madam said few words and lastly the celebration ended after vote of thanks.

Seminar on Teenage Concerns - 22nd February, 2016

An interactive seminar was conducted for learners of Grade 6 to 8 on Teenage Concerns with the help of Med Mondial and Clinical Psychologist - Ms.Aditi Nadkarni.

Excursion to Hyderabad - 3rd to 8th February, 2016

Learners along with Principal & 4 teachers had visited Hyderabad as part of yearly excursions.Learners visited Quli Qutab Shahi Tombs, Golconda Fort, Ramoji Film City, Hussain Sagar Lake, Nehru Zoological Park, Salarjung Museum, Snow World Hyderabad, Lumbini Park & Sudhacars Museum over a period of 8 days from 3rd to 8th February, 2016. It was an educative trip filled with fun, masti and happiness.

Mumbaiwala Activity - Mumbai Meri Jaan!

Learners from Playgroup to Grade 9 participated in the ‘DRESS UP AS A MUMBAIWALA DAY ’, where in all learners dressed up as his/her favorite Mumbaiwala. It was our learners wat to thank the Mumbaiwalas, the people who serve the citizen, day in and day out. The activity was part of Mumbai Meri Jaan - The Zillion Gallery photography contest, wherein this year the contest is paying tribute to the people who are integral part of the city, the Mumbaiwalas. The ‘Walas’ comprise of many individuals like the Chaiwala, Bhelwala, Autowala, Doodhwala, Lighwala and so forth.

Republic Day Celebration by Parents & Learners - 25th January, 2016

Republic Day was celebrated on 25th January, 2016 with lot of enthusiasm by the learners of Nursery and K1 along with their parents who came together and made this day a grand success.

The learners were given an exposure to five aspects of India i.e. Food, Costume, National Symbols, Festivals and Places of Tourist attraction so that they truly know about our country ‘India’.

The food group made the delicacies of India, learners got to taste the variety of food prepared in India. The food was delicious.

The costume group portrayed various kinds of clothes people of India wear according to the state, region and climate, through a beautiful presentation and fashion show.

The National Symbols of India viz. Peacock, Tiger, Currency, Hockey, etc. was aptly explained by beautiful charts.

Various religious festivals of India was depicted by the respective groups through models , PPT, costumes, songs and dances.

The tourist places of India was also showcased with the help of models and PowerPoint presentation.

The day was filled with a lot of patriotism!!

Road Safety Workshop - 22nd January, 2016
Fire Safety Session - 16th January, 2016

Learners were shown the presentation on Fire Safety and precautionary steps that needs to be taken during FIRE. Safety Manager also shared Do's and Dont's during Fire. It was then followed by Mock Drill and How to extinguish fire with the help of Extinguisher. Learners were also explained about the type of Extinguishers used during different kind of fires.

We provide Experiential Learning along with Safety & Healthy Environment for our Learners to nurture, develop and evolve!