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Importance of Teacher in Students Life
by Lakshmi Arun - Primary Coordinator | 26 October, 2015

We all are aware of one of the incident in Mahabharata wherein Eklavya considered Dronacharya as his Guru and as a guru he had asked Eklavya’s thumb, he without any hesitation willingly gave it. Later on when he asked did he ever repent giving his thumb, he replied yes only when he was helpless in the war as he could save him. Some people will say what a great student he was but I would say what a Great Guru Dronacharya was. In teacher student relation both the aspects are important.

Some of you may say that no more such relation exists, do such students exist. Many of us will say a big nooo, but as per my belief if the teacher commands respect rather than demanding it through self discipline & a friendly nature it is very much possible in today’s generation.

A child when comes in the world he knows nothing. He learns many things from the environment and the society. From mother he learns to stand, from father he learns to walk, from friends how to be social, and from a teacher the knowledge and the education which is not possible if no guidance is provided. He learns everything from the guidance of others.

Children are like clay in a potters hand just as a potter gives a desired shape to clay in his hands so do the children become what their teachers make them. Childs life in a school is the most crucial phase during the foundation years for developing their nature personally by nurturing them.

To Guide means to help or to assistance by more experienced person to a less experienced person. The world is full of problems and at every step of life we have to face various problems. Sometimes we are so disgusted and stressed that we want some guidance and a moral support from someone who is experienced.

In Education field, when a child enters in a college he is not at all aware of his future but everyone has to choose a right profession. Due to lack of knowledge and guidance one may not choose a right profession and the entire career he or she may have to be the sufferer so there is a great need of the guidance for an individual for a future development and it is not possible without a proper teacher or a guru.

Teaching in its true sense, is not only to communicate or to give any instruction but influence. The teachers or Guru’s duty is not merely to communicate knowledge, but also help the children to grow, develop suitable attitude, values and their personality. The teacher with her knowledge not only expertise to teach but also inspire and guide the student to gain success at the height of excellence.

The teachers teaching in the residential school here influence maximum over the student as the teacher herself has to act as friend, philosopher and also a counsellor giving proper guidance in all areas of activity whether it is academic, co-curricular or related to the behaviour.

The teachers’ role and the atmosphere which he or she creates in the classroom are the critical factors in the child life and the education. We all remember our good teachers more than anything else in the school. Teachers are not the source of all knowledge and order or just focussing on completion of curriculum, rather she establishes an environment and encourage student to use it Children learn best when they have creative partners with them allow the child to do mistakes as, mistakes gives opportunities to learn more and more in a better way through all possible options they make them good learners. The child should never say I can’t do it .one must appreciate the performers if he has done well. Award the child for its efforts taken for it. It always motivates the child by saying he can do it best.

That is why it is always said that a
Average teacher --- teaches
Good teacher ---- explains
Outstanding teacher ----- always inspires throughout your life
So a special teacher always gives a turning point in the child life.
It is always said when a child comes on this earth they are empty. Then the parents come in their life adding shapes and later teachers come in and add colours to their life.

A teacher should try to find the attitude of student and try to develop students who can create their own image rather than to create student his or her own image. A good teacher is one who not only demonstrates & explains but be a role model the great teachers always go further and inspire the students The teacher should teach from the heart and not from the book, and it can only come when the teacher has done her homework properly. Teachers should also be well prepared to the answer and doubts of the students in right direction as today students are smart enough to know what teacher will reply. It is necessary for the teacher to follow the time management as she has to observe time management as one has to complete syllabus within a particular time limit.

It is therefore said, Teaching is the art/profession that teaches and creates all the other profession.